Prevention and Education

Cranston United Against Violence & Abuse
Community Plan

Our ultimate vision is to create a strong and healthy community environment that supports and empowers youth and does not tolerate intimate partner violence.
We are focusing on working with three populations to get us closer to this goal in Cranston:
We have been providing bystander intervention focused after school programs using a modified version of the Mentors in Violence Prevention Program. We currently run this program with two Middle Schools.

In collaboration with our community partners, we developed a program called #decoding_your_teen for parents. It is a multi-session workshop series designed to help parents understand and communicate with youth about healthy/unhealthy relationships, bullying, substance abuse, social/media pressure, and digital safety. We have held the workshops twice, with great feedback, and will be planning more.

Youth Serving Organizations:
We designed a free training series called Prevention Works for the staff at youth serving organizations. It provides them with the knowledge, skills, and ongoing support to incorporate prevention concepts into their existing programming and organizational policies. The purpose of conducting these training sessions is to increase the number of youth exposed to programming designed to increase protective factors, decrease risk factors, and foster a community environment that is less permissive of partner violence.

We have provided the training to one organization as of Spring 2015 and will be launching it with two additional organizations soon.

By reaching youth, parents, and those who work with youth and families, we are trying to increase the general level of community knowledge, support and capacity for open communication about intimate partner violence.