Our Donors

We could not do the work we do without the generous support we receive from individuals, groups and businesses in the community.  Thank you!                                                                              


A Gift Was Given In Memory Of:
Juliette Charette by Audrey Shapiro.
Isabella Mercurio by Margaret Watson.
John Earle by Bob and Wynitia Sgroi.
Mary Ferrante by Louis and Patricia Bruno.
Irene and Dawn Correia by Robin Winslow.
Robert J. Sharpio by Audrey Shapiro.
Joseph Bianco by Roberta Bianco.
John Earle by Jean-Ann Sherry.
Maryellen Medeiros  by Peter Rodrigues.
Edward Silberman to the John G. Earle Legal Advocacy Fund by Joanne Souza.
Edward Silberman by staff of EBC Center. 

A Gift Was Given In Honor Of:
Alfred and Margo Almonte by Peter and Ann Voccio.
Pam Rice by Bonnie Arpin.
Debra Capuano by Stephen and Arlene Evangelista.
Michael and Rebecca LaFazia and “Chrismakkah” by Marie LaFazia.