Our Donors

We could not do the work we do without the generous support we receive from individuals, groups and businesses in the community.  Thank you!                                                                              


A Donation Was Given In Memory Of:

Sean Harrington by Ginny Harrington

John Earle by Bob and Wynitia Sgroi

John Earle by Scott Avedisian

Mary Ferrante by Louis and Pat Bruno

George Beckman by Paula Goldberg

Robert and Andrew Shapiro by Audrey Shapiro

An anonymous donation was given in memory of Siddharth Kene

Sean Harrington by Amica Company Foundation

Joseph Bianco by Roberta Bianco

Richard Perreault by Roberta Bianco

Sandra Gertz by Peter and Nancy Dorsey

A Donation Was Given In Honor Of:

Alex Weaver’s birthday from Sara Shockley

Master Peter A. Robbins by Madeline and Dick Perreault

Alfred and Margo Almonte by Peter and Ann Voccio

Agnes Shay by Howard and Margaret Watson