Our Donors

We could not do the work we do without the generous support we receive from individuals, groups and businesses in the community.  Thank you!                                                                              


A Donation Was Given In Memory Of:
Sean Harrington from William and Claire Chatto, Emily Griffin, Kristin Kim, Lauren Mucci, Pamela Patenaude, Justine Smalls, Diane Gubelli, David and Mary Neumann, Hanna Letts, Jamie Marcus, Alanna Sachs, Maureen and Bill Miller, Dr. Kathleen Bowling, Tom and Martha Richard, Lois Harrington, Ellie and Philip Patsalos, Bonnie Arpin, Lisa and Mike Harrington, Pamela Murphy, Doug and Elena Pearson, Yankee Home Improvement, Leaders Matter LLC, and EA Markets LLC.

A Donation Was Given In Honor Of:
In honor of Alex Weaver’s birthday from Sara Shockley.
In lieu of gifts to each other, long time friends Cynthia Valletta and Joyce Rose have made donations to EBC Center in honor of their “special” November birthdays.